Thursday, November 22, 2007

No compression?

I changed a partition for a cube on Tuesday night, then cleared upper level blocks, then ran a calc. I checked on the cube a little later and the filesystem was full! Looks like the compression setting was changed to 'No Compression'. Not cool at all. I changed the setting to bitmap, cleared upper level blocks and ran a restructure to fix the problem. Anyone else see this happen before? I know I didn't change that setting. IMO 'no compression' shouldn't even be an option.


Jason said...

I saw this once. We had an special-use app/cube that started blowing up in size, for no apparent reason. Then we checked out all the settings and found that the No Compression object was selected. It's only ever happened once but I can't imagine that one of us set it that way. So you're not alone!

ghytiger said...

I met once, In 9.3.1, very strange and maybe related to modify the disk volumes by maxl.