Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ASO Procedural Calcs -- Handling Shared Members

ASO allocations and procedural calculations do not allow you to include any dynamic members in your POV. If you include a shared member you get the following warning:

WARNING - 1300005 - The argument [POV] ignores the duplicate member [100-20].

If the prototype of the shared member is not level 0, it will fail your calculation with the following error:

ERROR - 1300033 - Upper-level members, for example [East], are not allowed in argument [POV]. Select a level-0 member. 

In order to remove any shared members from your POV, you can sometimes use the Filter() function to remove them as illustrated below. I say sometimes because this works in some versions and not in others. I currently have an open SR with Oracle that they are investigating. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. What would be even better is if there were calculation options allowing you to ignore things like dynamic members.

In this example, I'm taking all level 0 members under the Market dimension. But this might include some upper level members that are shared in alternate hierarchies. One strategy would be to only take the descendants of the original hierarchy. Another would be to filter out all shared members as shown here.

 {Filter(Descendants([Market],Levels([Market],0)), NOT Market.CurrentMember.Shared_Flag)}  

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